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‘Super Mario Bros’ Mushrooms Hoops Earring &Ear Clips

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Mario Red
Luigi Cyan

The inspiration comes from super Mario, a game the designer often played in her  childhood. Up to now, the blue and red mushrooms still bring us back to our carefree childhood. As the years passed, we became Mario Brothers, running and dodging between danger and machinery for our dreams.

Mushrooms in the game can help you and give you special abilities, It’s a dangerous world out there, why not go out with mushroom earrings? We also designed ear clips for those who don't have their ears pierced.

  • Measurement: 
  • Hoops: 13mm*13mm*2mm
  • Clips: 18mm*15mm*3mm
  • Mushrooms: 20mm*18mm 
  • Materials:
  • 14k gold-plated Brass, Zircon and Glass