About the Brand



NINEMOO is a studio founded in 2019, in West London. Currently specialise in handmade accessories products. During the pandemic, lockdown regulations affected most of the manufacturing industries, including my garment production. Under this circumstances, I started to design some handmade accessories that I can create in my studio. At first, I made them as gifts to my neighbours and friends. Turned out, was given unexpected highly rated comments. For that reason, I started to create more with my team and found out that the process is so satisfying and fun. I hope to also bring this lively attitude to others. Besides, I want my customer to feel vulnerable inside and out when wearing my pieces.

I was first a print designer and an original design manufacturer. Onwards, I am extremely sensitive to colours and patterners and know where to source the best materials. I aim to hopefully keep my products’ quality high and offering affordable prices to you all.

All packaging are using recycled materials and will continue to work hard on building a fully sustainable brand. 

For more information about our sustainability approach please refer here.