Our Sustainability Approach

Our vision in sustainability.
Sustainably sourced materials currently include:
  • Organic cotton                       
  • Linen
  • Recycled polyester
  • TENCEL™ lyocell 
  • Cupro

Materials we do not use: 
  • Fur
  • Down Leather
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Wool from mulesed sheep
  • Angora

Currently most of our fashion pieces and jewelry packaging are made with recycled materials. We are looking forward to being a fully sustainable brand in the near future. We are an independant brand, all of the fashion products are designed here in our London studio.Therefore we are able to control the fabric and materials we use for our garments.

Ninemoo’s intention is to minimize environmental impact on the planet while producing quality and unique clothing pieces. Other than using recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, the brand also reuse and upcycle deadstock materials. Instead of throwing away existing materials and letting it go to waste, we repurpose the items into new beautiful pieces, including packaging and brand new garments.

Our approach to organic materials is even more mature. We use organic materials on most of our fashion products. Our materials are carefully sourced and are all certified. We use natural fibres as much as we can, most of our non natural materials are sourced from remaining deadstock where we bring in the upcycle process.

We are an ethical manufacturer and factory. All workers are paid a decent living wage or more, and work between reasonable hours. Their safety and working conditions are guaranteed. We do not tolerate child labour and enforced workers.

Our supply chain is ensured and certified, they all meet the ethical and environmental standards. We also carry out careful estimation of the production amount, in order to avoid surplus and unused inventory.

We are very eager to work towards being a fully sustainable brand, by constantly looking for materials that are better for the environment and lowering the carbon emissions as much as possible. Please be patient while we move towards our goal.