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Gummy Bear Earrings & Threaders

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Oriental Cherry & Sea Salt
Butterfly Pea & lemon
Suger-free new taste Gummy Bear!
We refer to the market of the gummy bear shape design of our own bear. Coke flavor and grape flavor are the basic flavors. In addition, we refer to the color matching of cocktails to develop cool big kids' color-matching bears .
Cherry blossom &sea salt taste sweet and salty collision, no matter what the base wine can not hide the refreshing fragrance of cherry blossom.
The butterbean water changes color when added to the lemon juice, creating a starlike colour .
Who could resist wearing cute and cool Gummy Bear earrings?
  • Measurement: 
  • Earring: 17mm*2mm      Ear Threaders: 85mm
  • Gummy bear: 20mm*10mm
  • Materials:  14k Gold-Plated Brass, Zircon (Earring), Silver-plated Brass(Ear Threader), Resin(gummy bear) .