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Clrock Olivine Necklace

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The name "CLROCK" is a fusion of "Clock" and "Rock." A radiant constellation clock hangs gracefully upon an asymmetrical olivine rock. The harmonious blend and intriguing juxtaposition of these two textures conjure a sense of enigma and cosmic vitality. Olivine is believed to resonate with solar energy, containing cosmic forces that dispel malevolence, illuminate darkness, and nurture hope. This is why olivine is hailed as the "Sun's Jewel."

The olivine adorning this necklace has been meticulously chosen and polished to perfection. The hexagonal centerpiece, crafted from premium zircon, is encircled by an orbit of arrow symbols, seamlessly interconnected. The distinctive open design ensures you exude beauty from every angle.

  • Measurement: 
  • Olivine Necklace: 50cm
  • Constellation Chart: 20mm*20mm*2mm
  • Materials: 14k gold-plated Brass, Zircon and Olivine