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Autumn Elegance Gemstone And Pearl Necklace/ Earrings/Bracelet

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Embrace the enchantment of the season with our "Autumn Enchantment Gemstone and Pearl Necklace." Inspired by the ethereal beauty of forest nymphs in the heart of autumn, this unique piece captures the essence of nature's transformation.

Crafted with Nature's Bounty:
Handcrafted with a meticulous selection of natural stones, each one with its own unique shape, and lustrous pearls, this necklace is a testament to the treasures of the earth. The inclusion of delicate leaf elements adds a touch of woodland charm.

A Symphony of Colors:
The diverse gemstone shapes, from the rustic allure of white turquoise to the warm embrace of peridot, mirror the rich hues of autumn leaves. The freshwater pearls lend an air of timeless elegance.

Forest Nymph's Elegance:
With each wear, this necklace evokes the grace and beauty of a woodland nymph, wandering through the rustling leaves of an autumn forest. Its eclectic blend of colors and textures mirrors the enchantment of the season.


Freshwater Pearls, White Turquoise, Peridot, Natural Stones, 18k Gold-Plated Brass


Necklace 45cm+5cm Extension chain

Bracelet 205mm
Earrings 27mm