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Jelly C Threader Earrings

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Jelly C Threader Earring is handmade from our environment protection conscious studio based in London. The C-shape design seems cute but made of resin. As strong and bravas you unparalleled heart. 

C stands for can, press forward with indomitable will, you can do anything.

C stands for courageous, It is our praise and hope for your courage to face all difficulties.

C also stands for Conquer, get up with your jelly C Threader and conquer your life with your brave and strong heart!

  • Handcrafted
    • Measurement: 30mm*25mm 
    • Materials: 14K Gold Plated Brass and Resin (AvocadoGreen and MilkYellow ), 925 silver and Resin ( Turquoise  exclusive )