Angel's tears Threader Earrings

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Available in a flow of isolated light blue ink effect, the clean, contemporary design is perfect for day-to-night dressing - style them solo for an everyday look.



Charm: 14k Gold Plated and Resin
Threader: 925 Silver and 14K Gold Plated Brass


Threader: 9cm
Charm: W - 2cm, H - 1.5cm, D - 0.8cm


Care instructions:

1. Away from any chemical substances (including perfume, makeup, skincare, bleach and etc)

2. Avoid water, remove the item in the shower and when sleeping.

3. Remove the item during sports and exercise (including jogging, swimming and etc)

4. Wipe clean with a dry and soft cloth.

5. Avoid collision with other objects in case of scratches and deformation. Scratches and scuff marks cannot be removed with the cloth.

6. Store in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air and oxidation.


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